The Road to Bethlehem is a refreshingly fun game involving storytelling, team challenges and trivia. You can play for hours without noticing the passage of time. The various storylines tying the whole game together offer a fascinating and enchanting perspective on the setting that leads to the well-known story of the Nativity of Christ.

The game helps young players grow through a fun experience. They won’t even realize they’re learning. Working together towards the common goal helps the players cooperate and strengthen relationships.

With its high quality and dazzling graphics, The Road to Bethlehem rivals the most enjoyable games available today.

Justin & Amanda, USA


The Road to Bethlehem takes us back to the time of Jesus’ birth. We are faced with adversity and wander along trails to eventually bow before the Infant, sent for our Salvation. Sounds a bit strange, right? That’s what I thought. Somehow I was unable to picture this whole thing – how was I supposed to follow those trails?

Everything changed when I started to play it with a team of my kids at school. It turns out that the game draws you in. The wonderfully thought through words, carefully laid-out paths and questions make you not want to stop playing and to anxiously await what will happen next. If I were to sum it up in one sentence I would say “Learn as you play and play as you learn”.

The game teaches the children and us – how to work together, make decisions, how to enjoy spending time together, think logically, discern between options (which one will result in greater good). Before all else, it teaches us that together we can achieve more than alone. As you conquer adventure after adventure, performing various tasks (also involving motor skills – which is very important for children), at the same time you can test and grow your knowledge of everything connected with the Birth of Christ. I think that the the kids said it best “Miss, this is super, I want this game, let’s not stop playing!”

Agnieszka, Poland


A “Real Player Game”! Outstanding game with a deep opportunity for faith enrichment for the whole family. We love this game and have shared it with other families too! Every age group loves the story and the wonderful decisions that each of use can participate within the game. Thank you!

Margaret, USA

I would definitely recommend this game. The kids were excited to play the next scenario, and would ask when we were going to play it again. […] The kids often found the physical challenges entertaining, and the funny answers in the Archangel Raphael cards brought out hearty laughter. It was a great way to spend hours together as a family, and everyone was able to play. Traditionally, Christian-themed games are either mass market games with tacked on Christian veneers or made by well-intention Christians who made unfun games. Because of this Christian-themed games tend to be a niche market, despite Christians representing one-third of the world’s population. Which leads into my next point. The game is currently selling for $89 on Amazon, which is high for a board game, but fairly on par for a “RPG-in-a-box”. I conclude it’s due to the market size and the quality of the components. […]pen & paper style role-playing games, seriously getting into D&D 5th edition will cost you at least $100. […] where I’m driving is the price is not unreasonable and if we want to see more games like this we need to vote with our wallets. Get the game, play with family and friends!

George, USA


The Road to Bethlehem is a wonderful game. At first I was a bit taken aback by the sheer number of elements and tasks but very quickly it turned out to be easy, enjoyable and full of surprises. It teaches and entertains.

The Road… teaches teamwork, making joint decisions and shows the players’ character. The main Christian plot-line helps to learn and develop the Faith and inculcate values. I would recommend this game for teachers to work with students. During the gameplay at our school, the children were very interested and engaged. They made decisions together and were happy to perform the tasks. Through fun – which is what kids like the most – you can perfect social skills and deepen the Faith.

Marta, Poland


I have traveled the road to Bethlehem over a hundred times over the years, and always felt excitement as I approached the town where Jesus Christ was born.

With this game families can journey closer to Jesus Christ and to each other as they leave the noise of our world and engage each other in conversations that matter for their faith, their love of God and each other, and for their family’s hope of reaching the ultimate goal of Christ together.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, USA

On the Road from 5:30 PM till 1:30 AM 🙂 The game rocks!

Damian, Poland


We played for the first time today. We laughed so hard! Thank you, it is fun family time.

Heather, USA


EXCELLENT!!! The whole family played together – it took us several hours… But the emotions, discussions, laughter ;))) We reached the goal! 🙂

Anna, Poland